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Classical massage

The primary purpose of traditional massage is to preserve the harmony of the body by manual techniques. Depending on the techniques used it will be relaxing or stimulating. The classic massage is the most known and most used massage and nowadays it is considered the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most pleasant way to improve our physical and mental well-being. Massage is an ancient technique for preventing and treating the discomfort of the musculoskeletal system. Classic massage releases muscle tension and activates blood circulation. By stimulating, the accumulation of the lymph fluid in the tissues is reduced. Removing metabolic wastes tissues has a positive influence, promotes relaxation and thus reduces stress.  By using specific massage techniques, also internal organs can be influenced.  The classic massage is also an effective treatment for many everyday complaints such as lack of energy, fatigue, insomnia, cellulite, headaches, back pain and abdominal pain.
Traditional Massage - a classic beloved worldwide.

Wellness massage

The wellness massages are a pleasure for mind, body and soul. These massages strengthen the immune system, they have a harmonizing and rejuvenating effect for the body, mind and soul as well as an overall purification effect.Our lives are often marked by success and time pressure. Stress has become something common, and often leads to an imbalance of body, mind and soul. Our treatments and massages will give you the opportunity to leave everyday life behind and give your body something valuable.


Ladie´s Haircut • Men´s Haircut • Child Haircut • Permanent • Dry and Style • Strands • Coloring • Straightening

Manicure / Gelnails

If you make yourself beautiful, you do it in first place for you, because in order to have a positive effect on other people, one needs to feel good about oneself. Manicured hands are very important for a proper appearance nowadays. Let us advise you on how to get beautiful hands and manicured nails. Perfect beautiful hands - - are your presentation card!
Here you will find everything you need for natural and artificial nails.

  • Modeling nails, with design if requested(gel)
  • Strengthening of natural nails (gel)
  • Manicure for her / him
  • Manicure with UV nail polish (lasts up to 2 weeks)
  • The impact-and scratch-resistant UV nail varnishes give your natural nails and your modeling nails an incredible brilliance and weeks of long durability Convince yourself and test the benefits of a different manicures and you will be delighted.


On which foot do we live? Since the feet carry our entire body weight, we should pay special attention to them with regular foot care. If someone neglects foot care he/she must sooner or later expect that he /she will have problems and pain usually connected with the feet. Given the great importance of the feet to humans, it is surprising that so many people neglect their feet. The ability to hide neglected feet in fine footwear, favors this trend. But feet do every day in our work, in everyday life and when we do sport, a very hard job.. With an average of 7000 steps per day, they carry us over a lifetime about four times around the earth. These are 160,000 kilometers!! In most cases, a chronic mechanical rubbing leads to calluses - for example, if shoes are not fitting well. If the shoes are too tight, the cause of this is the increased pressure. If the shoes are too wide; the friction produces the same protective response of the skin - the formation of hyperkeratosis. Individual deformities favor awkward walking and therefore the formation of a callus due to the mechanical friction. If you want to enjoy in an old age with good feet, it is important to begin to care for them early.