Cosmetics treatments

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DETOX: 100 % pure radiation

The skin is detoxified and deeply cleansed. Afterwards the skin appears more radiant and relaxed. For all skin types.
(45 - 60 minutes)

  1. Cleaning and professional diagnosis of the skin
  2. Deep cleansing with mask and peeling
  3. Facial massage
  4. Mask
  5. Final treatment


Effective treatment for mature skin. Gives strength, softness, elasticity.
(60 minutes)

  1. Diagnosis: Ultimate Boost (individually adjusted)
  2. Cleaning with peeling and steam
  3. Facial massage for mature skin
  4. Special anti-aging mask
  5. Final treatment

Hydra Plus

Special treatment for very dry and sallow skin with high moisture deficiency. Extra intensive moisturizing care and freshness. For all skin types.
(60 minutes)

  1. Diagnosis: Ultimate Boost (individually adjusted)
  2. Peeling, steam and cleaning
  3. Special massage for dehydrated skin
  4. 2 Hydra-moisture masks
  5. Final treatment


Treatment of the following skin problems: Impurities, pigmentation, redness and dryness It soothes, strengthens and improves the skin texture
(60 minutes)

  1. Dermatological treatment
  2. Diagnosis: Ultimate Boost (individually adjusted)
  3. Peeling and steam cleaning
  4. Special massage for sensitive skin
  5. Special mask
  6. Final treatment

Lift Expert

Offers spectacular results on the skin, thanks to the lifting effect of the most innovative ingredients. It has a double effect on wrinkles. It improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin and leads to a younger appearance.
(90 minutes)

  1. Diagnosis: Ultimate Boost (individual)
  2. Cleaning: Peeling and steam
  3. Lifting facial massage
  4. 2 masks
  5. Final treatment

Beauty Teens

Treatment for skin with impurities, oily skin, enlarged pores. For young people up to 23 years old
(35 - 45 minutes)

  1. cleansing milk and peeling
  2. Steam and deep cleaning
  3. Mask
  4. Final treatment

Paradise Beauty

(90 minutes)
Personalized treatment according to the skin type incl. eyebrow shape / colour
15 min. foot reflexology massage


Our lash extensions are applied with the highest quality and professionalism. For us, this includes the service of a detailed consultation, high-quality allergy-tested products and professional expertise. If you would like to achieve lasting, even results, we recommend replacing the faded eyelashes every 2-4 weeks. To ensure that you can enjoy eyelash extensions for a long time, you should observe the following tips:

  • Some days before the appointment do not use eyelash curler
  • Do not use mascara or creams containing oil and fat on the appointment
  • Do not let any water / steam on the lashes for at least 24 hours after the appointment
  • Do not use creams containing oil on the lashes



Waxing is a classic form of depilation and for many men and women is part of their fixed beauty programme. Experience a silky smooth skin feeling for weeks.

Depilation with sugar paste / Sugaring on request

* NEW * Permanent Make Up

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